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For many years, real estate agents have used traditional direct marketing techniques to bring in leads and keep in touch with existing buyers and sellers. In addition to using postcards, brochures, holiday cards, flyers, and newsletters, real estate professionals were routinely sending out direct mail to individuals within and outside of their local areas with the optimism of generating business. Although many real estate agents experienced great success using these direct marketing techniques in the past, these marketing strategies are less effective now. Many successful real estate agents today no longer turn to direct standard marketing methods to make brand new leads. - real estate in Pasadena

According to one study, realtors are expending an average of one hundred dollars per month on direct mail advertising alone. However, most of the real estate agents who rely on direct mail marketing aren't generating as much income as real estate agents who use the Internet to get prospects to reach sellers and buyers. A recent study verifies that the top earners are no longer making use of traditional direct marketing methods. Instead, the top agents are utilizing the Internet to generate prospects.

Instead of sending out a newsletter by way of mail, successful real estate professionals are sending out e-newsletters via e-mail. According to a recent study, most profitable real estate agents prefer sending out e-newsletters than sending them out via mail. Real estate agents save a lot of time by sending newsletters via email aside from saving money on the cost of postage and printing. Most prospective buyers and sellers who request a newsletter would like to receive the publication right away.

During the past, real estate agents also contacted prospective buyers and sellers by phone to determine if they were planning to sell or buy. Just lately, strict Do Not Call laws are making it virtually impossible for realtors to carry out a telemarketing campaign. Do Not Call regulations prevent real estate agents to contact individuals who are in the Do Not Call list. In case a real estate agent does contact prospective buyers and sellers by phone, then he or she has to be certain that the persons they call are not on the list. In case a real estate agent calls someone on the do not call list, then there is a chance that the realtor can be penalized for violating the rules. The penalty is more than ten thousand dollars.

Although a lot of real estate agents continue to use conventional direct marketing techniques to attract buyers or sellers, real estate brokers who earn the most money are using the Internet to bring in prospects. When they choose to use direct mail, numerous realtors are using both the web and direct mail to create new business. According to the statistics, relying on direct mail marketing solely can have a significant effect on the amount a realtor can earn. Thus, real estate agents should consider using a combination of marketing methods for finest results. - real estate in Pasadena
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